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About Wendy Maree
Hello and welcome

As a personal trainer for more than seven years with a lot of life experience and knowledge, I'm confident I'll be able to help you get results through my unique online coaching programs and face to face personal training. 

Having started life as a dancer, becoming a qualified dance teacher and running my own dance school for many years, it was an easy transition after realising my passion for health and fitness. I decided to quit my high-stress desk job and studied full time in 2012 to become a qualified personal trainer with Cert III and IV in Fitness. 

I've successfully trained hundreds of clients, from primary school kids, adolescents, mums, women and men of all ages. I gained wide ranging experience running my own studio, training clients in large gyms and designing unique group fitness options. I never stop learning about fitness every day and proudly have a long list of professional development in my toolbox including in Nutrition, menopause and post natal, to help serve you better. 

My philosophy is to train to remain strong, active and fit for as long as possible, so I can embark on adventures such as bush walking, horse riding and bike riding on beautiful trails and to find pristine coast lines. I love hiking to the top of mountains such as at Wilson's Prom, Gippsland, Bass Coast and well, anywhere.


In your goal-setting consultation, I will help you work out short and long term goals that may include general physical activity, or specific athletic goals such as cross-training for sports and hobbies, running, dance, horse riding, obstacle courses or other physical competitions. Live the dreams you never imagined possible with a bespoke fitness plan and programs. 

If you would like to read more about my life story including suffering from a rare neurological disorder, babies, peri-post  menopause and chronic back pain that has been fixed with strength training, please have a look at my Blog post here

Clients who have benefited from my coaching

Operating my own home personal training studio in Drouin for many years, and also working as a personal trainer in large corporate gyms, I have helped many clients from all walks of life, ages and abilities to exceed their health and fitness goals. I have amassed wide ranging experience and knowledge in one-on-one personal training, classes, small groups, circuits, program design and providing personalised free gym programs. I'm always willing to go above and beyond to provide excellence in customer service. 

Interested but think you're too old, too exhausted, too young, too afraid, too embarrassed, have stress incontinence, have no time, have a physical condition, scared of getting hurt, plus x number of reasons to not train? Here are just some of the clients that I’ve helped to improve their health. You can see what some of my clients say here

  • A 64-year-old Yogi Grandma, never been to a gym, signed up for private PT to lose weight, found that getting stronger helped her return to activities she loved - gardening, walking and playing with the grand-kids.

  • A 54-year-old lady with acute/chronic tennis elbow, within 6 months, transformed from pain and weakness to being strong enough to fight fires as a CFA volunteer, and now leads an active, healthy lifestyle.

  • 50-60’s ladies and even a 16-year-old, who developed more resilient pelvic floors and no longer have light bladder leakage.

  • A 16-year-old girl suffers from anxiety and lack of self-esteem, who is now so strong she can do chin ups, deadlift and squat her own body weight plus other awesome exercises. Inspired by Margot Robbie, destined to become a fitness model / star / singer / actress or whatever she desires.

  • Busy, exhausted, working Mums, who have beat chronic pain through targeted programs to develop strength and mobility.

  • A 25-yo farmer needed a more balanced program to assist with the physical demands of farming, rather than hypertrophy (muscle building) he’d been doing.

  • Young people training for physical assessment requirements for Police and PSO.

  • A 35-yo pastor wanted to gain weight, develop grip strength and build lean muscle.

  • A 54-yo woman with mild MS needs strength training to assist with control of symptoms.

  • A young man with a bad back, I collaborated with his Exercise Physiologist so he can now do heavy deadlifts and has reduced chronic pain.

  • A 56-year-old woman, afflicted with a rare neurological disorder in her 20’s with ongoing symptoms and effects, suffered debilitating back pain for almost 40 years and a couple of years of chronic foot pain. Wasted a lot of money trying every 'treatment'. Now strong AF, able to deadlift 80kg, squat 60kg with awesome goals like doing handstands, push ups and pull ups on the horizon. Oh wait, this one is me.


So patient, Wendy clearly has a lot of experience and training. Feeling much stronger and I look forward to the music based classes. Small classes of up to 5 makes for a more personal training environment. 


Great personal trainer. One on one and small training sessions. Whatever you need and want! Quality and great value for money. Knowledgeable and her technique teaching is amazing!


Wow Matilda and I are loving our training sessions. Great program with a great trainer. Thanks Wendy


Wendy has a wealth of knowledge specifically focused on women, their bodies and training needs. 
She’s thorough, kind and trains you in a way that you can feel and see yourself getting stronger but without feeling exhausted and overworked. I loved every session I had with her; group based and 1:1. 
Wendy also worked alongside my ‘cardio’ trainer to format a plan that complimented my strength training so we were all working towards the same goal. 
I’d LOVE to train with her again but distance see’s us hours apart.