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Qualified with an Accredited Certificate of Nutrition and currently studying to become a Precision Nutrition Coach, I can help you get off the diet roller-coaster for good. I understand what you're going through and have been overweight for a major part of my life, after suffering from a rare neurological disorder in my late 20's called "Guillain Barre Syndrome". If you would like to read more about the ongoing effects of this disease on my nervous system and weight, please have a look at my Blog post here

We all know that diets don't work and there is no 'magic pill' or potion that will make you lose weight for good, even though the multi-billion $ diet industry and multi-level marketers keep telling you there is. They will often have you reduce calories to below what is recommended to maintain good health, or have you believe you need to keep buying expensive supplements (that may even be dangerous in the long term). Of course you are going to lose weight initially if you are eating a very low calorie diet, but this is unsustainable and you may potentially suffer severe nutritional deficiencies in the long term. It's time to take a different approach.

If you're ready to:

  • Lose weight without starving yourself or restricting food groups

  • Reduce body fat and achieve your goals including to sculpt, tone, build lean muscle mass, improve digestive symptoms and gut health, hypertrophy or other sports and exercise competitions/performance enhancement

  • Improve your health and your family's eating habits

  • Establish good habits that will lead to sustainable weight loss

  • Cut through the myths, misinformation and confusion about what to eat

  • Gain your energy back and stop feeling drained all the time

  • Stop obsessing and feeling guilty about food choices

  • Lose the 'eat less, exercise more' mindset and heal your relationship with food and exercise

  • Learn to enjoy food again with your family and friends 

  • Learn what's really stopping you from losing weight

  • Learn ways to include more whole foods in your diet and restrict highly processed foods for improved health and optimal fat loss

  • Receive personalised guidance on nutrients, macros, portion sizes, etc.

You can see from the Hierarchy of Fat Loss graphic that Nutrition and Gut Health are your main priorities. If you're not looking after your nutrition, you may not get the expected results and training may be a lot harder because you don't have the fuel you need to progress. It is highly recommended that you choose a program that includes Nutrition Coaching to fast track your results. 


Nutrition can take a lot of valuable time away from your personal training sessions. To ensure you get 100% personalised attention and appropriate guidance, I offer nutrition coaching services as a separate service.  

Nutrition coaching is available through my online coaching programs and in-person at a suitable local venue at the same price as personal training.


My two children had extreme allergies to certain foods and are prone to eczema. Not able to get the help I needed from the medical profession to ease their suffering (this was 20 years ago), I delved deeper into nutrition and natural methods to help them overcome the terrible symptoms and I can happily say that many of the natural (and somewhat alternative methods) worked. For example, I made up little bags of oatmeal and added to their bath water to soothe their hot, itchy skin. 

Always interested in natural health, it was my passion for nutrition and fitness that led me to becoming a personal trainer. I back my natural approach to health 100%. I can say that I have not had an antibiotic for 22 years and have never been medicated for anything since my Guillain Barre Syndrome, preferring to look after myself through nutrition and exercise. I occasionally feel the need to supplement with herbs or vitamins but I believe we should mostly get the nutrients we need from our diet and environment. 

It wasn't until I started studying formally that I recognised the huge amount of misinformation and myths out there. How many times have you been reading a magazine and one page tells you coffee is bad for you and two pages later, coffee is good for you? The media pick and choose scientific studies that they can sensationalise with headlines to draw in more followers. So many diet books, products, pills and potions, promising to melt away the fat - mostly based on the creator's opinion and desire to make money, rather than science. Unqualified people selling products without any nutrition qualifications preying on desperate people who will do anything to lose weight. There are thousands of books, diets and MLM products out there, all telling you something different to cut from your diet if you want to lose weight. There are also a lot of unqualified coaches and trainers who are providing nutrition to clients completely out of scope and untrained to do so. No wonder peeps are confused. 

If you are understandably confused and feel like you've tried everything to lose weight, or maybe you're a yo-yo dieter who's been able to lose weight with A LOT OF EFFORT but then slowly gain it all back again. I can guide, educate  and help you create sustainable strategies that really work that fit in with your lifestyle, budget and family needs.