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Small Group PT and classes are conducted in my private studio in Drouin. Designed specifically for women, and in particular, Women around 40+ who want to fast-track results. 

I'm a fully qualified personal trainer with eight years' experience helping clients of all ages and abilities to improve their health, with specialised interest and certifications in coaching Women 40+. 

Benefits of Small Group PT include:

  • Train with a group of like-minded women in a private, supportive environment

  • Small Group PT capped at 6 participants so you get individual attention every session

  • Classes capped at 10

  • Accelerated fat loss

  • Weight management

  • Enhanced sport and athletic performance

  • Get your energy back

  • Body sculpting

  • Injury pre-habilitation (help prevent injuries and falls)

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Hypertrophy (muscle development) 

  • Cardiovascular fitness

  • Chronic pain management

  • Chronic disease prevention

  • Help heal and strengthen your pelvic floor

  • Rehab (I can work in with your Allied Health or medical practitioners to maximise results)

  • Online Booking portal to manage your own session bookings, reschedule or cancel. 

40+FIT Small Group Personal Training

Specialist Small Group Personal Training with groups strictly limited to 6 so you get focused, individual attention. Always different, offering progressing whole body strength and conditioning using a range of weights, timed intervals and circuits with exercise options provided. Fire up your metabolism, improve balance and flexibility, get stronger, leaner and fitter in focused 30-minute sessions. Exercise at your own level in a fun group with the highest level of support and individual attention. Benefit from Personal Training at a fraction of the cost of private sessions. 


Specifically designed for busy women who want to maximise benefits and fast track getting fit without getting sore and exhausted, while looking after your pelvic floor. Suitable for 15-70's - whether you're post-natal, starting to see the symptoms of perimenopause or post menopausal, this is for you. Not intended for pregnancy. 

New time slots will commence with a minimum of 3 people signed up (6 signed up for early mornings). I encourage you to get your best workout buddies together so you can get started. Nutrition not included. 

  • $39 per week ongoing subscription for unlimited sessions (when available)

  • $35 per week ongoing subscription for two sessions/week

  • $20 per week for one session/week casual if spaces available

  • Subscriptions cancelled with 2 week's advance notice

  • 8 Week Challenges and 6 Week Challenges as advertised - Sign up for additional value. 

Strong AF Women 
Individually Tailored Programmed Strength Training

My unique training program for a minimum 3 - maximum 5 ladies per group. Train together at a fraction of the cost of private sessions. While training together, you will work on your own individual program designed specifically for you with a focus on getting stronger, fitter and improving health. You get individual attention and coaching, with exercise modifications and program changes as required. Nutrition not included. 

Please contact me to express interest in getting a group started. 


  • A fortnightly subscription of $90.00 each for two sessions per week.  

  • Family discounts available.

  • Subscriptions cancelled with 2 weeks' advance notice. 


  • Commit to two x 45-Minute sessions per week.

  • Ability to make up missed sessions if there are spaces available, within the fortnight. 

  • A FAST TRACK RESULTS and goal setting session.

  • A fully personalised training plan. 

  • Your own individualised personal training program updated every 4 weeks or as required. 

  • Welcome pack

Please enquire about starting a new group. 

Tranquil Fusion 

A unique 45-minute group fitness class offering a range of movement options to help you Regenerate, Rehab, Rejuvenate and Recover. Benefits all ages and ability levels. Includes:

  • Tai Chi Qigong - peaceful, tranquil, moving meditation. Pronounced Chee-Gong, an ancient, peaceful Chinese exercise and healing technique involving controlled breathing and slow, rhythmic movements. Gently work and stretch all muscle groups. Instills calmness, peace and tranquility yet leaves you feeling energised. Qigong has been shown to have beneficial effects across 9 areas: Bone density, cardiopulmonary, physical function, falls and balance, quality of life, self-efficacy, patient reported outcomes, psychological, immune function and inflammation.

  • Yoga flow movements and poses - improve strength, mobility, balance and flexibility. You will never be expected to do very difficult poses that hurt! Always work at your current level. 

  • Foam rolling and myofascial release techniques - for those who like a bit of self-massage. 

  • Natural ground movements - for those who need more mobility to get up and down off the floor, improve mobility and flexibility. For those who are unable or uncomfortable to get down or up from the floor, there will be alternative exercises. It is of great importance to learn to get up and down easily as we age in case of slips, trips and falls. 

  • Dynamic stretching to improve your flexibility. 

Classes will be offered as an 8-week commitment, as advertised. Cost is $90 up front for each 8-week course.